On Monday we hosted a meeting for some of our village leaders to discuss plans for our literacy program. We had a good turn out, which was a blessing. And the men responded well to what we shared, which was an answer to prayer. Thanks to everyone who was praying.

Here are a few short clips from the meeting. The first is Wes explaining (in Menyan) that we want the people here to be literate so they can read the Bible. The second clip is me comparing Pidgin (the trade language) with the Menyan language. I spoke three Menyan phrases in different tenses that end up the same when translated into Pidgin to demonstrate Pidgin’s lack of precision. The third clip is the men reacting to an illustration I gave comparing a portion of the Pidgin Bible against the same passage in a Greek Bible and an English Bible. The purpose was to show them how much is lost in the Pidgin version because, as they would say, it is a weak language. Most of you won’t be able to understand what is being said, but you can see the enthusiasm.


  1. Awesome – love seeing and hearing this. I also appreciate your statement that “most of us” won’t be able to understand what’s being said. I will admit, my Menyan is rusty at best.

    • Joseph

      But didn’t you hear Wes say “literacy course?”

      • I did catch a couple “Ok”s and maybe a “suppose we talk”?

  2. Thanks for sharing this. It was so cool to see / hear you guys engage them in their language(s)!

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