Lest we lose sight of why we are here–and why we toil day after day to learn this language–we have regular reminders that we are living in a land of darkness and confusion. Here are two recent examples:

1. Hoku’s daughter, Nawi, had a boil on her shoulder described as painful, huge and nasty. To heal it, Hoku’s wife, Gabi, took Nawi to a church service and then, immediately afterward, to the witch doctor. Regardless of who is in control, they have the bases covered.

2. Wati told me that he is under God’s judgment and I am not. He knows this because he has to work hard for his food, but I don’t. He’s convinced that the curse from Genesis 3 governs his own life because he digs and sweats for his food, but I have escaped because my food comes from the market or a plane.

The people here need God’s truth presented clearly and accurately so that they can understand it. Pray for our endurance and stamina so that we can deliver it to them.

  1. Thanks for sharing this. I need a reminder on my end, too, as I know so many folks around me every day are just as lost and desperate for truth and hope. It takes on very different forms and looks completely different here vs. PNG, but I need to be just as aware of the mission God has called me to be on every day to love others, share the Gospel, and call them to Christ. Praying for y’all and the people of Menya!

  2. Wow. Thanks for this reminder in how we can pray for you.

  3. Shandi Stevenson

    Thank you so much for this reminder! I was at a wonderful Christmas concert on Friday, focused on Christ as the light of the world, and I was thinking about and praying for you as I thought about all the people who need the Light. I hope this will be a very special Christmas for you as you get closer and closer to sharing the Gospel. I know you must sometimes feel very far away at this time of year from family, friends, and traditions, but we sure do think of and pray for you!

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