1. Yikes. Any welders in PNG?

    • Joseph

      It just so happens that we have a guy coming in about three weeks who can use a welder. And there is a portable welder at our base we are planning to bring in.

  2. Rick Hawkinson

    So I was going to drive and bring you a new X5, but when I put your location into Google maps, I got this message:
    “Sorry, we could not calculate driving directions from “Munich, Germany” to “Goroka, Papua New Guinea”
    If Google can’t get me there, I don’t think it can be done. Sorry buddy.

    • Joseph

      Thanks for trying.

  3. Rick Hawkinson

    On second though, I’ve always loved a road trip. I want to avoid the middle east (I’m partial to my head) so North route through Russia, I’ll take a right at Mongolia and burn through China. I figure if i can get some good speed in China I can skip across to Taiwan and down through the Philippines. Then I can pick my way through Indonesia into West Papau and I’m home free. Figure it will only take me a month. Got an extra bed??

    • Joseph

      More than one. Bring the family.

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