Our neighbors just got a baby! It is so exciting! Another family who lives just over the hill from us had their 6th baby this weekend and they don’t want 6 kids, so they gave one away to Hoka and Gabi! They, and we, are all very excited. Hoka and Gabi had one child 15 or so years ago who died as a baby and haven’t been able to have any since then. They do have one daughter, Nawi (who is our girls’ best friend here), who was also adopted, and she has been an only child for 7 years. This is how things are done here. If you have too many kids, or don’t want the one you are having for some other reason, you can give it away. The family makes an arrangement with another family who wants more kids but can’t have them. Often times these arrangements fall through, so these ladies who are wanting kids don’t get their hopes up until the baby is actually here. Gabi didn’t even tell us they might get this baby until after it was born and she was waiting for official word that she was going to get it. Its been so fun to watch how excited she is over the last two days though! Penny and I went with her to pick up the baby and bring him back to her house. We got to watch her bathe him for the first time and try to nurse him for the first time. She doesn’t have milk, but she is trying to make it come in by letting him nurse. If her milk doesn’t come in, she’ll have to be dependent on the birth mom to nurse the baby, so hopefully her milk will come in. I can hear him crying from their house right now–probably frustrated that he isn’t getting fed! He is such a precious baby! Gabi told me and Penny today that we needed to name him!  Any ideas??





  1. MomO

    Joseph had a friend named Lucky for that very reason. : )

  2. Based on Everett’s shirt, I think John Deere is a good name.

  3. Awesome!

    Also – I’ve been told that “Matthew” translates to “Gift of God”.

  4. Kaylee

    Samuel for “God has heard” her cry for another child. 🙂 Praying for her milk to come in! Love the joy in her eyes.

  5. Emily

    He is so beautiful. What a blessing for them! Praying that he will grow up with a clear understanding of the gospel.

  6. Did you get to name him? What did you pick?

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