This is Rousen with his wife and four kids and one niece who snuck in. Rousen has been working on language with me one day a week for a couple of months, but I just met his family today at their house about an hour’s walk away. Rousen is part of one of the local religious groups and is representativeĀ of that group. When I asked him what it takes to be part of their group, he explained that one must stop eating pigs, rats, lizards, eels, eagles, and bats and not smoke or chew beetle nut. Plus don’t steal or covet. Once a person shows he isn’t doing those things, he can get baptized and be a part.

This answer is typical of the pattern that characterizes our area. Half-truths and partial stories have made their way into the local folklore and have been combined with traditional beliefs to produce a legalistic hybrid. This is a sad state. But our hope is that Rousen will soon be hearing the Bible in his own language and understanding the big picture as we teach from start to finish. Pray for Rousen, his family and the many other Menyans who are waiting for God’s message in their own language.





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  1. Shandi Stevenson

    I am so close to qualifying for membership in this group. I occasionally eat pigs, but never any of those other things! šŸ™‚ Seriously, great illustration of the confusion and harm caused by this kind of syncretism. Praying as the day comes closer when the Menyans will hear God’s Word in their language.

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