Yesterday evening we had a meeting with our local influencers to discuss where we will hold our upcoming literacy class. Previously we were expecting to build a meeting place with the help of the local community. As it turns out, there is a recently constructed one-room school that, at most, only gets used from 8am until noon. We met in this building to discuss whether it would be suitable for our literacy classes. Physically it is sufficient. The men were concerned, however, because of past experiences.

This building is at least the second incarnation of an elementary school in our village. The first was destroyed when one of the men who had helped build it got tired of waiting to be compensated for his efforts. So some of the men were concerned that, if the white men were to start using the new classroom, people who had helped build it would expect us to compensate them. In the end the leaders agreed that because the literacy program is for the benefit of the community and is not a profit producing venture, they would be able to prevent the compensation-seekers from derailing the class.

Right now the classroom has no desks. We committed to building and donating desks to be used for both the literacy students and the school children.

So pray for us as we pursue this plan.

Here’s two of the guys getting their first look at our primers…



  1. Mark Forthaus

    Hi Philly and Elizabeth,
    Great to see some recent pictures of the thriving ministry you are leading. God is faithful and your service to His work is inspiring. Your family looks great and your children are growing up so fast…Linda and I are in a transition phase as Brianna (our youngest) graduates from Lander this weekend and I started a new job in Gainesville, FL where God has already provided some great opportunities to serve His kingdom work here….one specific event which lead me to track your status. I have left my email so we can follow up when you are available. Many blessings!
    Acts 20:24

  2. Shandi Stevenson

    So exciting! This and the good language test are really great news; praying for you and so thankful for the strong progress you are making toward your goal.

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