The picture above is a campaign poster from 2012 still hanging on a local store. Elections come again in 2017 here in PNG and this man, our Member of Parliament, will likely be running for reelection.

As part of my language learning I am regularly exploring new facets of the local culture and pursuing additional avenues for fresh vocabulary. To that end, I asked Wati what makes a candidate vote-worthy here in Menya. He responded (in Menyan, but I’ve translated):

“The man has good behavior like this. When you ask for something, he doesn’t say “no.” When you ask, he gives to you. When you ask for money, he gives it to you. Whatever you might ask. You ask him, he gives it to you. That guy’s behavior is very good. He likes everybody.”

I think I’ve mastered the word for “ask.”

    • Joseph

      No. Not a citizen here.

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