Our neighbors are building a new house. The houses don’t last for very long, so they have to rebuild houses pretty regularly here. This new one is a little bigger than their last house, but the most exciting thing is that their daughter, Nawi, gets her own room! That’s rare here in this culture of tiny houses and large families. Even the fact that our 4 kids sleep in two rooms is strange to most people here. They often all sleep in one room, or at least put all of their kids in one room. However, Nawi’s family only has one child, so she gets her own room! In their previous house she shared with her parents, so she is awfully excited about this upgrade.

Penny and I decided it would be fun to have a little housewarming celebration to decorate her bamboo walls a little! Her parents loved the idea and agreed to let us bring some crayons and colored pencils over to let the kids color on the walls!


The girls made this little butterfly out of a cracker box and tissue paper squares (thanks Espinosas!) for Nawi to hang up in her room. It was sweet listening to our girls discuss what would be a good gift for Nawi for her new house. They tossed around a few ideas and were concerned about giving her something that she could carry around to make other kids jealous. I loved that they came up with making something beautiful out of a box. She loved it and it looked precious hanging in the room.

All the Menya kids always love a chance to use crayons or colored pencils, so they all got into decorating the walls. Penny painted a “frame” around each kids’ artwork and then let them put their handprints next to them. Even the parents were enjoying it: Gapi (Nawi’s mom) asked us to paint “Welcome Home” in English in her bedroom!

  1. Karen

    This is a precious story!!! Such live expressed and received!

    • Karen

      Oops… Such “love” expressed….

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