We love going to visit new babies! One of our neighbors, Esther, had a baby early Monday morning, so we headed over to her house bearing gifts on Monday!  Esther had the baby all alone outside of her house in the wee hours of the morning.  Her husband then spent Monday morning working with our guys getting the literacy desks set up while she stayed at home with her three other young girls and brand new baby girl!  (Let me be clear that the guys did not ask Tony to leave his wife and brand new baby to come help!!  They didn’t know she had had the baby until he told them at some point while they were working!)

Sylvie was excited to share some of her old baby clothes with the baby and a couple of her old cloth diapers. She carried them herself and wanted to be the one to hand them over.

Look at that sweet girl!!  So precious. This is Esther’s 5th child–1 boy and 4 girls!

Esther looked so good.  I can’t get over how tough these ladies are, and how good I had it with the birth of my kids! I think about it every time we see a new baby!

Belle was particularly enamored with the baby this time, which was sweet to watch.


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