We have been so busy the last 2 weeks! Tuesday through Friday around 20 men from all different parts of Menya came each day to work from 7:30 am until noon. We are leveling an area of ground on which to build a teaching house. It started as a hillside, so there was a lot of digging and ground moving to be done to make it level! After 2 weeks of work it is just about finished.

Each day Joseph and Wes worked with the men and directed them. Penny and I took turns cooking for the work crew. They got coffee and crackers before work and lunch after work. Lunch consisted of rice and cabbage cooked with ramen noodles and tuna. It is a local favorite. Most of the days we had a local lady help us with the cooking and clean-up. Every morning that I served, my kids helped hand out the crackers and then washed the cups. They also were the clean up crew for a couple of my lunch days when I didn’t have a lady working with me. They loved it! (They probably also love the condensed school day we had on our cooking days.)

It was so fun seeing how excited all the workers were about their huge pile of food–and amazing to watch them finish it all! It was also neat to see them call their kids in from outside to eat part of their food, or see a young guy give what he didn’t finish to a dad with multiple children so one of the kids could finish his. No food was ever left on a plate.

Its so exciting to be making progress towards the next steps in our ministry here! We loved that men from all over Menya came and pitched in to get this ground leveled–ground that is going to be a place for all of them to come hear the truth. We hope since they have all taken part, they will feel a part of what we are doing when teaching time comes!

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  1. This is so exciting! It must feel so wonderful to be working on something tangible, and making progress towards being able to teach!!! We’re praying for you all!

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