In the picture above, Wati’s store is the closest building. He built it there over the course of a couple of months on the ground of the man who owns the house farthest back in the picture. Now, after about six months of business, the land owner has decided he doesn’t want Wati’s store there anymore. So Wati will have to take down the store. He plans to move to another man’s property about 100 yards down the road. For now.

Though this isn’t great news for Wati, one of the few local entrepreneurs, it does confirm our earlier decision to build our teaching pavilion on our own land rather than someone else’s. You may remember that decision making process from this, this and this.

  1. PopPop, So will others help him move it, kind like a "barn-raising?"

    So will others help him move it, kind like a “barn-raising?”

    • Joseph

      No. He’s on his own. The only way someone would help would be for pay.

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