Kidnapped by a Demon

At about 11:00 pm I was lying in bed not yet asleep when I heard our neighbor, Edwin, calling out for one of his children. He called out repeatedly with increasing urgency. Just when I was ready to get dressed and go outside with my spotlight, it stopped. In the morning I asked Edwin what had happened and this was his story:

Our family was up in our house and Nemson said he had to go to the outhouse. So he went outside while I was playing a game on my phone. After a long time, he hadn’t come back. I got up and started calling for him. I called and called, but he didn’t answer so I looked around and behind the house. I went and checked the outhouse, but he wasn’t there. I shined my light on the ground and saw footprints. I followed the footprints down toward Wes’ house. I found Nemson near Wes’ house. I grabbed him and quickly took him back to our house and set him down. His shirt was off and his shorts and skin were covered in mud. He said he had been down to Opet’s house [which is a long way off for a little kid in the dark]. When I asked why, he said his mom had been hitting him so he ran off. But his mother was sick and had been asleep in the house. I explained to him that it wasn’t his mother, it was the hiwiyuqu [spirit-people] who had hit him and chased him off. Then I put him to bed.

Once he was sleeping I went out and yelled at the hiwiyuqu. I said, “Does this boy belong to you or does he belong to me? Why do you try to take him?” I spoke very strongly rebuking them. They won’t try that again.

  1. Karen

    Oh my. Was his son disturbed any by this incident? What did you say in response to his explanation?

    • Joseph

      His son is too shy to talk to me about anything. I just listened to the explanation and asked clarification questions. We are close, but not ready yet, to challenge local beliefs.

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