Teacher Training

On Monday I’ll be starting our second literacy class. In addition to 10-15 new literacy students, I’ll be training two graduates from the first class to be teachers themselves. Today we had our second meeting and worked through a mock class. Gapi and Teti are both eager, but very nervous. I was really surprised to hear them express their trepidation. It hadn’t occurred to me that they would be uncomfortable, but they are. I’m confident they will be good teachers once they get used to it, but it might be a slow start.

In hindsight, it seems silly that I did not expect this. They have never attempted anything like this. They have never read instructions to follow a step by step process. They have never stood in front of a group to teach anything. So, of course, they are nervous. Since the three of us will be alternating throughout the first class, I tried to encourage them with the fact that, regardless of how many teaching mistakes they make, I will make more language mistakes as I give direction in Menyan.

Like the first literacy class that Wes taught, this is another opportunity for us to accomplish important goals in our ministry. Consider this:

  • After years of being the ignorant one, I will be a teacher. Hopefully I will be establishing credibility in that role and turning a corner in the way I am perceived by the Menya people.
  • We will be teaching more Menya people to read in their language so that as we produce books of the Bible in their language, they will be able to read and study for themselves.
  • After years of telling the Menya people that we want to train them to be teachers, we are starting with our first two. This will establish a pattern that we will follow to train evangelists and Bible teachers in the future.

So please be praying for all of this.

  • Pray for Teti and Gapi.
  • Pray for me as I train Teti and Gapi.
  • Pray for our new students.
  • Pray for enthusiasm to continue grow in our village for what is to come.
  1. Papa

    You are always in our prayers. Very impressive job with the classroom!

  2. Karen Swoap

    I love how the Lord uses your own training to then prepare you for future work. We may make plans but He directs our path! I’m so excited for y’all.

    • Joseph

      Thanks Karen!

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