1. Laura B

    That is completely awesome.

  2. Karen Swoap

    This is sooo amazing!!! I know that y’all are thrilled with the sound of men and women reading in their own language!

  3. Question for you: I just finished reading the letter that came with contributions statement. It made me wonder how long does Ethnos360 remain involved after a translation is completed? Do they continue to support biblical literacy with supply of printed bibles for an ongoing period? I’m surprised I hadn’t thought of this aspect of your work before now.

    • Joseph

      Terri, the best answer would be indefinitely. Right now there are folks here in PNG responsible for continuing to work with churches that were planted as long ago as the 70’s. They are provided with materials they don’t have access to. But as for training and teaching, that all get handed over to the church itself–which is why we are already training literacy teachers.

  4. Thanks! Great to know. Keep up the good work 🙂

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