How to Die in Menya

The picture above is Lepson, Edwin’s son, high in a tree. The three of us went up in the bush to cut bamboo today.

As I’ve been talking with folks lately, I’ve been tossing out some deeper questions to get people thinking and questioning their own beliefs. As we get closer to teaching from God’s word, we want everyone pondering the validity and source of their traditions. To that end, I asked Edwin why we die. Instead of giving an explanation of death or it’s origins, he enumerated what he claimed was a complete list of causes of death. Here they are:

  1. You get sick and die
  2. An evil spirit kills you
  3. A man thinks “I’m going to kill him” and he kills you
  4. You climb a tree to prune its branches and you fall to your death
  5. You climb a karuka tree to get its nuts and you fall to your death

Considering two fifths of the causes of death involve falling from trees, I was surprised he let Lepson climb so high.

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  1. Nolan Gottlieb

    I look forward to every one of y’all’s updates. Be encouraged and know that we pray for y’all often. The LORD is good and his word is living! I know you post prayer needs on here, but if there’s anything else we can pray for please let us know. Also, is there anything that we could get our small group to collect and mail you guys?

    PS- If missions don’t work out down there, you might have a career in photography. Ha! Just kidding.

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