Nearly every afternoon Penny and I and our kids play outside. Most days there are lots of kids around for our kids to play with, and usually several ladies will come join us, too. Its a fun hang out time for all of us! Today a few of our favorite ladies came and we had a good time laughing and chatting it up about lots of things, including some things that are different in America than here. Here were a few of the highlights that I thought you would enjoy:

In America we give wedding rings, we don’t pay a bride price. I’ve talked about this a lot here since people often comment on my wedding rings. Today they enjoyed knowing that seeing a ring on the ring finger of the left hand lets you know someone, even a stranger, is married.

No one here knows their birthday and how old they are. I’ve learned to look at kids teeth to approximate their age. That’s harder with adults! Today we all tried to figure out how old the ladies were based on what clues they could give us, but couldn’t pinpoint it exactly. We figure they are close to our age at least. One of the ladies said that she thinks white people age slowly and they age quickly though. I think I’m inclined to agree–working hard outside everyday will do that to a girl! At least they think I still look young!

My favorite thing we discussed was what we let babies play with. This happened to come up when one of our friends handed Penny’s baby an empty plastic grocery bag to play with and we both grimaced. We proceeded to tell them how we are told from the time we are little not to give a baby a plastic bag because they could suffocate and die. They thought that was pretty funny. We told them we don’t let our babies/toddlers walk around with knives in their hands or their mouths either. That got us to wondering if they have anything they don’t lt their babies hold. Lighters. And batteries. That’s all they could think of. You know, that’s probably an exhaustive list–and it surprised me it was so long!

I’m thankful for these Menya friends, and excited that they will soon have the chance to hear the gospel in their language! Pray for Rita, Gabby and Lepo to believe!

  1. Greta Fuller

    Praying, Elizabeth

    • Elizabeth Osborn

      Thanks, Greta!

  2. MB

    Aww I love this. Thanks for sharing! PS. Of course they are “our age.” Even if they look 25. They are definitely “our age.” 😉 Praying for them… and you!

    • Elizabeth Osborn

      Lol! Of course 25 is “our age”! Always will be!

  3. Will pray for you all. I love this picture. I love the two playing at the top of the hill too!

    • Elizabeth Osborn

      Thanks Kelley! I hadn’t even noticed the kids in the background!!

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