Teaching Update #1

We are two days into teaching. The picture above is something we did yesterday to illustrate the difference between oral and written records. I read a story to the first person in the line on each side. Then the grown men on the right of the picture passed the story down the line telephone style while the group on the left (including Lucy who doesn’t speak Menyan and a Lee who is about 4 years old) passed the written story down their line. The guy at the end of the men’s line told the story how he heard it. It was spectacularly wrong–beyond my most optimistic hopes. Not only were there omitted and altered details, but there were even wholly new additions. Then the guy at the end of the lefthand line read the story he received. It hadn’t changed. The written Bible doesn’t change; oral traditions do.

One of our biggest challenges from day one and two has been punctuality. Our start time is 4pm. On Monday we waited until about 4:45 before starting because of how few people were on time. People were still arriving around 7pm, well after we were done. We explained that we would start right at 4:00 on Tuesday and the result was better, but we still had people showing up after 5:00. Hopefully, the pattern will continue to improve as we start consistently at 4:00.

Please pray specifically for Francis. He hasn’t come either day and we found out it is because he is ashamed about something that happened a few weeks ago. I visited him at his house last night and I think he’ll be coming today, but we won’t know until the time comes.

  1. Tom Wright

    I hope things improve soon for you.

  2. proudma

    We are praying here! I printed the ‘portraits’ as a visual reminder to pray for the specific people who are hearing the teaching. May God’s perfect will be done!

  3. T-Bone

    Hey guys, we remember those days oh so well when people wouldn’t show up anywhere near the time that we had told them to. Praying that the eyes of their hearts will be opened. God has been doing a work in and through you guys during this process of preparation. As you teach God’s word will not return empty.

  4. Praying and reporting to many others so they can pray too. We are so excited for you and the Chappells and we’re trusting God with you all for great things. Isa 55.11

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