Teaching Update #2

Friday morning Elizabeth and I hosted a “discussion group” around the fire at our Wind-House with coffee and banana bread. We invited some of our closest neighbors/friends to talk about what they had been learning and understanding from the first week of lessons. In attendance were four couples: Hoku/Gapi, Wati/Zabet, Edwin/Mati, Francis/Rita; and some of their kids.

The group had some really good thoughts and questions. The main thing we talked about was what we can/should think about God as we consider His work of creation. (He is powerful and He is sovereign over His creation.) And we talked about how we react to those truths about God. When I suggested that it should scare us, they were quick to identify with that. Here are a few specific responses:


We don’t think about God the right way. When we hear about God, we just think of Him as a man [like we do the spirits we believe in.] But He is not a man like us.


We’ve heard stories from the Bible before in Pidgin. We know the words, but we haven’t understood what the stories mean. Now, as you all are teaching, we are understanding what they mean.


We think of everything that belongs to us as our own–our houses, our land, our gardens. But that is not the right way to think. We should be thinking that everything belongs to God since He created it all.


As I’ve been hearing God’s talk, I feel like there is a fire in my belly and it’s getting hotter and hotter and sometimes I just feel like shouting out. I’m so excited about hearing it.

Here are some things to be praying about:

  • Attendance: We have had a strong core group (somewhere around 65 adults) attending daily. Some days the total is three or four times that. Thursday was our worst attendance day because there was a big storm about an hour before we started. (So pray for good weather too.)
  • Believing: Be praying that, by God’s grace, people will believe His word.
  • Clarity: Continue to pray for the four of us as we teach and answer questions–that we would communicate clearly in a way that hits home.
  • A couple of days, at the end of our lesson, we’ve had guys shouting back and forth (with each other, not at us) about secondary issues (whether kids should be allowed to sit in the front or whether people are asking good enough questions.) Most of it is posturing by men trying to prove their importance and it is generally ignored. But pray that it doesn’t distract folks.
  • Pray for stamina for us. It is a very exciting and exhilarating time, but it is exhausting.
  1. MB

    Wow… tearing up hearing their thoughts… Praying that the fire in Gapi’s belly continues to stir!!

  2. Suzanne K

    Thanks for the updates. We are praying and so excited about the teaching!

  3. Whitney

    We will be praying for you all!

  4. Tosha Young

    Praying for your stamina. To look back from where you started and to now be in this place speaking and sharing the Word of Life. God is amazing.

  5. Chris Stalnaker

    This is awesome!! We are praying daily for eyes, ears and hearts to be open to hear and receive the good news! Thank you for your sacrifice and service to be his instrument!

  6. Kaylee

    Praying for you guys. It’s so good to hear what’s happening.

    • Joseph

      Thanks Kaylee!

  7. Carly Tan

    How encouraging!!! Praying for you!

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