Teaching Update #3

I had a great conversation with a group of men after the lesson this afternoon. It started with one guy (Ruesen) who had shown up for the first time. As we talked, I decided to read Genesis 1 in it’s entirety to him. As I read, men gathered around so that by the time I finished there were about eight listening–most of them have been attending daily. Here is a rough abridged recount of the conversation:

Me: What does Chapter one teach us?
Ruesen: It tells about the days of creation.
Me: What does that story make us think about God?
Ruesen: He is powerful. And He is mighty.
[some more discussion about this point]
Me: When we consider that, what does it make us think?
[30 seconds of silence]
Daniel (pictured above): When I think about that, it makes me afraid.
Bigu: Yeah, I’m afraid because God has the power to do anything he wants.
Me: If God isn’t pleased with us, what could He do?
[I don’t remember who said each of these]
He could kill us.
He could make us sick.
He could ruin our lives.
He could could stop the sun.
Daniel [picking up some dust from the ground and crushing it in his hand]: He could do this to us.
Bigu: We have never feared God. We don’t even think about Him. But this makes me fear.

Proverbs 9:10 “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom…”

So we have a good start with these guys. They have a great foundation for moving forward.

  1. Ally Garrison

    Praise the Lord!! It’s so exciting to read your updates and see God working. Praying for strength and wisdom for your family and understanding and faith for those in attendance.

    • Joseph

      Thanks Ally!

  2. Joey Espinosa

    This makes me so excited. I was praying for y’all this morning. Press on!

    • Joseph

      Thanks, Joey!

  3. Suzanne K

    Thanks so much for these great updates. I shared an update with our co-op yesterday and we prayed together for you and the teaching.

    • Joseph

      Thanks for sharing it Suzanne! Keep up the praying.

  4. Miranda

    This gave me chills…and tears. Awesome update! We are praying for you all as a family and in our sweet Essentials class that your girls were in while in the States. Love y’all!

    • Joseph

      Thanks, Miranda!

  5. Nolan

    Yes! Yes! Yes! I love hearing how God works through the reading of His word. What a miracle you’re witnessing…the beginning of death being brought to life!

    • Joseph

      You said it, Nolan. It’s thrilling.

  6. Ben Allston

    We are praying for the sessions in Raleigh NC.

    • Joseph


  7. Praise God that they are grasping this. I’m in AWE of Him and you guys that a short time ago Bigu had no written language, and now He is being taught the bible in his own language, in such an effective manner…that he is truly beginning to understand. Miraculous. Inspiring. And so Humbling when I realize the true lack of fear I have for God.

    • Joseph


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