Teaching Update #4

Elizabeth and I met with our “small group” again Friday morning. This week’s main discussion topic was the consequences of Adam and Eve’s sin. We talked about how Adam and Eve’s descendants (including us) are born with their sinful, corrupted image under the sentence of death. We explained that we are born alienated from God as his enemies. Their reaction was very unAmerican–not a word of objection to the fact that we are affected by Adam’s sin. Instead, Hoku said

It’s like if a brother of mine kills another man. Then our whole clan is accountable. The guilt is all of ours and we are all responsible for restitution.

We went on to assure them the point of our lessons (and the point of us coming to PNG in the first place) is to tell them about the path back to God which He has revealed in His word. In the afternoon, Rita joyfully told Elizabeth

This morning, Joseph’s talk shot my belly* and I wanted to cry.

*a PNG idiom, think “cut me to the core”

Friday night Wes and I met with a few of the teenage guys who have been regularly attending the lessons. They were full of questions about what they’ve been hearing. We had a good discussion about sin and its consequences and talked about the importance of using God’s word as our authority as we pursue and discern truth. Be praying for these guys: Lijon, Dimas, Ricky, and Gioku.

  1. Nolan Gottlieb

    Many of us Americans have gotten just enough “Christianity” to inoculate from the truth of the real Gospel. Praying for you all. I get excited when I hear how God is working through the teaching/preaching of His word!! The Bible really works!!

  2. Elizabeth Osborn

    So true, Nolan! Thanks for praying! And thanks for commenting! We love hearing from you!

  3. Katherine Poston

    Crazy how they are quick to recognize their sin, when we who have grown up in the church have a hard time owning up to our sin…
    very encouraging, Osborns! Thank you for sharing.

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