Teaching Update #5

The picture above of Zabet (wife of Wati) is from a few years ago. That baby, Lin, is now the second youngest in the picture of Beti on our profile page.

Yesterday, after the lesson about Cain and Abel, Zabet asked Elizabeth and me a question with a heavy heart. She wanted to know if, since Cain was sent away from God after murdering Abel, there is any way for a person to come back from that. She was wondering if there is any forgiveness for a murderer. Though Zabet did not allude to it, we know that there is more behind her question.

We know from other stories we’ve heard over the years that, before we arrived in Menya, one of Zabet’s daughters was born with a twin. We also know there is a belief that when twins are born, one must be an evil spirit and, usually, that one is killed. No one has ever said explicitly that Zabet killed one of her twin babies, but it has been implied. Thus, we think Zabet’s question is very personal and not a bit hypothetical.

Elizabeth and I talked with Zabet about the source of sin and it’s consequences for us. We told her that God does not rank sins according to severity, but that we all fall short of perfection. We told her that God’s solution (which is coming in our lessons) covers all sin, not just some. She seemed relieved to hear this, but I expect she is still wary. She is eager to hear more. Keep praying for Zabet.

  1. Ashley Moore

    Thank you for sharing! Praying for Zabet and for you all as you teach future lessons!!

  2. T-Bone

    Hi guys really appreciated another update. One thing I love about this lesson with Cain and Abel is that God gave so many opportunities to confess his wrong before God. How unfortunate it was to hear in scripture that Cain left God’s presents. He chose to not pursue the relationship with God. So sad! It sounds like this lady Zabet is on the right track with a tender heart to the truth. May the truth set he free!

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