Teaching Update #6

Most of the village children haven’t learned the Menyan language yet and even the teenagers can’t follow it completely (that’s how hard the language is.) Additionally there is a handful of ladies who are here because of marriage, but don’t speak or comprehend Menyan. Because of them, I taught a summary lesson this morning in Pidgin (PNG’s trade language) of everything we’ve covered so far in the lessons (creation to Babel.) It went very well. Thank you to those praying.

My favorite part of the morning was this:

Francis, who is completely fluent in Menyan and has been tracking very well with the lessons and our small group discussions, showed up on his own initiative and sat behind the group of teenagers during the lesson. You may recall from Francis’ profile that he “has enormous influence over the young men of our village.” Immediately after I finished teaching, the 6-8 young guys in the back turned to face Francis and he started reiterating what I had just taught. It was beautiful.

After the lesson, there were a few lingering questions. Here Asa Chappell and I are answering them:


  1. Carly

    This is so encouraging! I’m guessing this is the same Francis who didn’t show up the first 2 days (mentioned in Teaching update #1)? So neat to see God working in this way! Thank you so much for sharing with all of us. Continuing to pray for you all.

    • Joseph

      Yes, same Francis. Thanks for praying.

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