1. Lauren

    I love this!! Thank you so much for sharing. We will continue to pray as you make your way through the scripture with them.

  2. Carly

    This is so amazing. They hear and believe! God opens their hearts and gives them understanding! Praise God for His work in their lives! Thank you for being willing to sacrifice so much to be used by Him in this way! And thank you for sharing and encouraging us through sharing. Continuing to pray for much fruit from your labor.

  3. Pretty profound…seems like it’s taking hold for sure.
    Unless that is they are really just speaking about the weather or something, or how much you and your sun hat annoy them…and you’re just captioning whatever you want….I’d verify what they are saying, but I can find my Menyan option on Google Translate.

    • Joseph

      Please! That hat is waterproof —it’s not just a sun hat.

  4. Wow, my sentence structure, grammar, and punctuation were really pathetic in the last comment. Joseph speaks fluent Mayan, and I’m having trouble with English.

  5. Random Follower

    Powerful testimony. How many attending Western churches can attest to the Gospel so compellingly. May the Menyans come to model authentic Christian faith to our benefit and God’s delight.

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