Teaching Update #8

Yesterday after the lesson on Jacob, Gapi and Sapeth asked this: “When Wes was teaching, he told about how Esau gave up his birth-right for a bowl of soup. But in the Pidgin Bible it says Jacob’s mom covered his arms with animal hair and they tricked Isaac to get the blessing. What’s up with that?” So I explained that those are two different episodes and not contradictory versions. They got it–not a big deal. I tell you this to make this point: a lot of the people around here have heard (and remember in great detail) lots of Bible stories. The problem is they don’t understand the context of or connection between different stories.

This morning we had our weekly small group meeting. We were talking about Abraham and I pulled a classic out of the playbook asking “When Abraham took Isaac up the mountain and was willing to kill him, God declared Abraham to be righteous, right?” They fell for it. So then we talked about the truth: God declared Abraham righteous because of his faith (Gen 15:6.) We also talked about God’s promise to bless all people through Abraham. At another point we were talking about our penalty of death that we have inherited from Adam and confirmed with our own actions. As we were talking about all this, I kept thinking, “There are some sharp folks sitting here who know enough to put all this together. Somebody is going to say, ‘Oh I see, Jesus is the way God has blessed us all through Abraham and He took our punishment.'” But, no. Nobody said that.

So here’s the point: our friends here have been blinded and deceived by Satan. They have generations of demonic lies topped with brief, disjointed, confusing revival-style teaching. Even though they have probably heard all the facts they need, they lack understanding. Continue to pray that, as we teach, the truth will cut through the lies and pierce their hearts. Pray that they connect the dots and understand God’s grace and mercy for the first time.

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  1. MomO

    It’s really sad to think that these people have been confused and misled by former teaching. I’m not sure that it’s all that different here, however. I was an adult teaching Bible School before I ever connected the stories of Joseph and the famine and the people going to Egypt with their need to escape Egyptian slavery generations later! I don’t think it kept me from salvation, but without good consistent teaching, it’s challenging to connect it all into the big picture. “Let him who has ears…..”.
    How blessed your PNG friends are to have you and the Chappells to start from the beginning and tell them the complete story! For our American friends, we suggest bibleproject.com for clear explanations of the Bible’s concepts, stories, and books. Their videos and illustrations are wonderfully helpful.
    We will pray for their understanding and your perseverance.

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