Partnering: The Reffners

Our friends and ministry partners, the Reffners, recently sent us this encouraging email. With their permission, I’m sharing it with you here:

Joseph & Elizabeth,
We have been so encouraged (even overwhelmed) to see God move so powerfully among the Menyan people. We are excited to see how God answers prayer. I thought it would be an encouragement to you to hear how this has impacted our family.
On the day you held the first teaching, we began to pray as a family. I printed out each of the profile pics with captions and placed them facedown in a basket on our kitchen table. I explained to the kids that after dinner we would take 1 profile, read it, pass it around, and then each pray specifically for that person.
There really are very little rules. Take a profile, read it, say what you want to pray, then pray. Truthfully, I thought we would get a lot of generic prayers like “I pray that Francis would get saved.”  But that really has not been the case. Most of the time it is something like “I pray that Francis would continue to be a strong leader and would lead the young men to God.” Or as one of them prayed tonight, “I pray that Rita would be able to learn to read the language so that she could read God’s Word.” And they don’t like copying each other. So we end up praying different things for the same person.
It’s been really great to have an opportunity to pray as a family each night. Getting them to learn how to pray specifically started as our main goal but how they are praying has surpassed what we anticipated. And the fact that they aren’t losing steam is encouraging. I get yelled at by the kids when we miss a night.
Erica and I love reading the posts. When we read that Francis was reiterating the story to the young men after your teaching, it clicked. We need to share this with you. That is an answer to one of our prayers! We are praying here and seeing the impact in your posts.
Reading this email brought tears to our eyes as we thought about the Reffner family and how many of you are partnered with us in this endeavor. We truly need your prayers and support as we depend on God to do a mighty work here. We love to hear stuff like this, so if you have a story, please share it with us.

What do you think?