Teaching Update #9

This morning with our small group we discussed the law and its role. We talked about why God gave Israel the law and the fact that He gave it to Israel, not us. We told them that the law is good and we can learn from it and Israel’s experience, but the law was not given to us to make us righteous–it is not our path to God. Just like Israel’s nation neighbors, we are on the outside looking in to find out what God and His people are like.

They were rejoicing to hear this. Many have heard that the path to righteousness is obedience to the law–or part of the law. We talked also about how often people divide up the law and only consider chosen parts relevant or pertinent. As we were discussing, these were some of the reactions:

Francis (based on what Elizabeth shared with Rita yesterday)

We have to be like Jethro. We are not part of Abraham’s descendants, but when we hear about what God has done, we have to believe in God. We don’t get to see, we just hear. So when we hear, we have to believe and follow what we hear.


In the past when people have tried to teach God’s word, they have not explained it enough for us to really understand. We didn’t understand what the law is for. It’s like when a fire burns the top of the grass only–it’s not ready for a garden. It needs a fire that burns down to the ground and burns away all the grass. Your teaching is like that for us.


A lady was telling me that you whites are false prophets and are telling us lies as you teach. She wants to hold to her beliefs. I told her, “Ok. Let’s compete. You stick to your way and I’ll follow God’s way and let’s see who ends up in the hell-fire.”

Ok, so Rita’s response wasn’t saintly. But she’s not a saint yet, and she is really excited about hearing the truth of God’s word!

  1. Mary Ezzell

    Im so excited to read the responses. I’ve been praying for you guys a lot lately. So thankful for your faithfulness to God and the teaching of His truth. I am praying for understanding and belief for those who hear and for wisdom and discernment for you all.

    • Elizabeth Osborn

      Thanks so much Mary!

  2. ‘Burn the grass to the ground’ teaching. My favorite new adjective. I am in awe of the analogies the Menyan’s use. So cool

    • Elizabeth Osborn

      Do you think you might use “let’s see who ends up in the hell-fire” also? It is really great hearing what they come up with —they ask really good questions and explain things in their own way. I love it.

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