Profile Update

As we transition into the New Testament, we wanted to give you a brief update on the individuals we’ve asked you to pray for. Please forgive the copy/pasting.

  • Hoku was following well for the first three weeks then he left town to sell vanilla beans. We were disappointed by this, but will certainly catch him up whenever he returns. I’m afraid his departure was partially motivated by being ashamed by how well his wife was following and responding (but that’s just a guess.)
  • Wati is right on track. He’s believing what he is hearing and understanding well.
  • Edwin is following well and seems to be believing.
  • Gapi is our teachers’ pet. She is great at asking questions, quick to understand and giddy with excitement.
  • Francis is following well and is our most eager evangelist. He has new stories frequently about recounting what he is learning to others.
  • Roman and Katy have been irregular attenders. They have gaps in their understanding, but they are still coming.
  • Terry┬áis right on track. He’s believing what he is hearing and understanding well.
  • Toni has come sporadically. He seems eager when he shows up, but I doubt he’s connecting the dots.
  • Mati has been a bit slow to keep up, but she hasn’t quit. We’ve been working with her to understand, but today she found out her mother died and she’ll be gone until next week because of that.
  • Lepson, Beti, and Nawi have been to our Pidgin-language lessons and have answered questions well, but we’ll need more follow-up.
  • Ken and Lepo have shown up every day but they have a really hard time following. We have more work to do there.
  • Lipson, Emma and Timothy haven’t shown up since the first week. It seems like most of the folks from their “tradition” have written us off for now. They are another group we will have to pursue more later.
  • Nepo has the inside track as he translates weeks ahead with Wes. He’s already believing.
  • Gioku, Iwel and Ricky (and others) have come to our teen-coffee-night a few Fridays with good questions. They attended daily and are following well.
  • Bigu attended only a couple of times a week for the first four weeks, but has been every day for the last two. He’s bright. I think he’s caught up and hooked now.
  • Api is really smart and I think he could recount almost everything he’s heard. He’s soaking it up. I recruited him to help with translation and I think he’ll be a great help with that long-term.
  • Reuben is understanding. Sometimes he tries to jump ahead to show off his knowledge, but he’s usually wrong when he does. It’s hard for him to not be the leader and the one who has the answers, but he is learning what we are teaching.
  • Rita is the most exciting person to talk to about what she is learning. She isn’t always the quickest to pick up on things, but she is the giddiest when she understands.
  • Ruth hasn’t come more than a couple of times. I think she’ll need to be taught by one of her own people to really get it.
  • Damatis came for the first few weeks but then she got a call to come back to her parents in another part of PNG. We don’t know if/when we will see her again.
  • Daniel has been almost every day. He is a little slow to understand, but he is faithful and eager.
  • Koni had been every day. He’s understanding and believing. Since he is one of the oldest, most traditional guys around, it is amazing to watch.

Keep praying for all these folks and the many we haven’t named.

  1. Greta

    Wow! Exciting!

  2. Mom

    Thanks for allowing us to share in the blessing of praying for these precious new Christians & those who are almost there!

  3. Carly

    Thank you so much for this update! So encouraging!

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