A year or so ago I wrote a post about our friends Ken and Lepo, comparing them to Abraham and Sarah in their quest to get a baby by adding another wife to their family. Their “Ishmael” was born to the second wife and given to Lepo, and is the sweetest little girl, named Ruthie. Shortly after Ruthie was born her birth mother left, so the family was down to 3: Ken, Lepo, and Ruthie. Ruthie brought so much joy to her grieving parents (they lost a daughter a year before Ruthie was born), but they have longed for more children—especially a boy.

Recently, a baby boy was born who wasn’t wanted and the parents offered him to Ken and Lepo. Of course they accepted! However, the parents changed their mind and gave the baby to someone else. Ken and Lepo were really sad. I asked Lepo if there was any way they would change their mind, and she told me no. It was a done deal. The day after she told me there was no way they would get that baby, the parents brought the baby to Ken and Lepo!! The folks they gave it to originally weren’t treating it well and didn’t want it, so they gave it to Ken and Lepo instead!

I know it doesn’t follow the story line exactly, since God didn’t promise them a baby boy, and Lepo didn’t carry this baby, but I couldn’t help but think that they got their “Isaac”.  This baby boy who they have waited SO LONG for was just given to them. They didn’t arrange this one on their own—it was just brought to them. And boy are they excited! Well, I wasn’t the only one comparing this sweet new baby to Isaac. Ken, thinking about the Lord providing a son for Abraham and Sarah, and believing that God has provided this boy for them, decided that Isaac is the name he should have!

  1. Miranda


  2. Mom

    God works in ways we will not understand until “we cross over .” Isaac is a perfect name for this precious boy!

  3. Heather

    Oh wow!

  4. Sally Winfrey

    beautiful story, beautiful name and beautiful picture above.

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