Our Friday morning small group is still going strong. Every week follows this pattern: Everett and I go outside around 6:45am to build a fire. People stroll up between then and 7:15-ish depending on how cold it is (colder mornings slow people down considerably). Then we chat for a few minutes while Elizabeth passes out coffee and banana bread. Then I lead a discussion about a question that has come up or a Bible passage. After I’m done making the points I have planned, the “soul strengthening” starts. For this part, everybody repeats (in his own words) whatever meant most to him or her to encourage everyone else. There is no limit to how many people can make the same point or how many times a single person can make the same point. And when someone is wrong about what he has said, he gets corrected quickly.

In all my experience leading small groups, I’ve never gotten more effective feedback than this. We know immediately what made sense and what didn’t, what had an impact on people, and what we need to talk about more. Plus lots of times, when someone puts something in his own words, we get new and interesting illustrations. For example, this morning Api shared this:

Jesus is like Joseph’s four-wheeler and we are like the trailer. All we do is hook on to Jesus and follow where He leads. We shouldn’t follow our own desires anymore, but Jesus’. And we don’t drive ourselves, we rely on His strength.


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  1. Sally Winfrey

    Tell Api I love the pictorial…..a great reminder for me to always be the trailer and never try to be the four wheeler

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