Two weeks ago Api told me that his wife’s brothers were visiting from their village about half a day’s walk away. Api’s wife, Tema, is from the village of Menye (which is where the Australians originally got the name for our whole area). While the brothers were here Api and family were telling them about what they have learned from our Bible lessons. Api said they were very eager to hear the story and asked if it would be good to tell them. “Yes,” I told him, “so let’s make a plan and figure out how we can tell them the full story just like we have told you.”

As a first step, we decided we should take trip up there to visit. The four wheeler cut the half day hike to a 45 minute joy-ride (after Api got a report saying the major river we would have to cross was low enough at the ford.) When we got to Menye, about 50 people gathered to find out what we were doing. I explained our goals and what we have done in Hengwu (our village) and our desire to share the story of the Bible with them as well. Then I read them the first eight or ten verses of Genesis in their language as an example.

Then I asked Api if he wanted to say anything. He stood up (which is hard to tell in the picture below) and said something like this:

My family has been trying for a long time to live the right way. We thought we were doing the right thing, but we never could get it right. We didn’t know the truth. We didn’t understand what the Bible really says. Now we know and we are very happy.

God created Adam and Eve and he placed them in the garden of Eden. In Eden nothing was wrong. God gave Adam and Eve one rule: not to eat from the Tree of Knowledge. But then they disobeyed God and ate from it and then they were ashamed so they tried to cover themselves with leaves. But God didn’t care about their leaves and he killed an animal to make clothes for them–

At that point I interrupted Api because I did not know if he had any plans to stop.

After we hung around for about an hour, we jumped back on the four wheeler to come home. Afterward, Api was jazzed. He said

That went really well. They are really excited to hear. We’ve got to get everything ready and then go up there and tell them.


You can add the people of the village of Menye to your prayer list. We don’t know how soon we will be able to get up there, but there is a lot of eagerness already. When I told one of the adults we could not yet set a date to teach them because we have lots of work and lots people are asking for us to come, he said, “You can skip all of them and just come here first.”

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    So exciting!

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    Wow! That’s so awesome!

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