Francis the Drunk

{Sorry for the lack up posts lately. Our internet connection has been abysmal and we haven’t been able to upload much, so no picture with this post.}

At our small group meeting on Friday we had a lively discussion about different customs (like playing cards) and whether or not they are sinful. Elizabeth and I were explaining that there are lots of things that are not sinful in themselves, but can be sinful if they become an idol or lead us into sin. As an example, I was explaining that alcohol is not bad in itself, but God does tell us not to get drunk and alcohol does have the potential to lead us to sin. Then I was saying “So imagine if there was a person who got drunk habitually before he was believing in Jesus. Then he heard the gospel and believed. That person–” At about that point Francis interrupted me saying

Sorry. Joseph, sorry for stopping you, but you are describing me. That is what I did. You can just say it about me instead of ‘someone.’ Ok, go ahead.

So I said, “All righty then. Francis should probably avoid hanging out with his old drinking buddies when they are drinking–at least for now–because that would be a strong temptation for him to sin.”

The discussion continued from there and the group quickly made a number of various applications from this principle. And they were all very excited to have some direction and clarity about some different things.

Keep praying for this group and all the new believers who are eager to soak in and apply God’s word. There is still lots of residual false-thinking that we are working through and lots of these ideas are new to them.

What do you think?