1. Carly

    So good! Such good news!

  2. Humbled…such eloquence explaining what he believes. Such a testament to teaching the whole narrative of scripture, rather than just starting with Jesus. We should do that in this country. 😉

  3. Wow! How many of us could speak that clearly?

  4. random follower

    Spot on, and heart spoken. Can baptism be far behind?

  5. Sally Winfrey

    Beautifully said !! He may be an excellent teacher one day soon. I hope u might send a video one day of Api playing his new worship song he wrote on his guitar
    These Menyans are almost as beautiful as their teachers You have really helped us to know them and it is such a privilege to pray for all of you Keep on keepin on and hang in HIS grip We loved your vacation pics of both families esp the kids having such fun -awesome !! And we love the ones of them with their Menyan friends

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