[We’ve been without internet for more than a week, so this post is a bit old. It’s based on our church meeting on June 3. It’s still worth reading though.]

This past Sunday at our church meeting, Joseph taught about what the Bible has to say about being a godly woman. (This was following his teaching about godly manhood the previous week.) After he finished, we broke into two groups (men and women) to discuss the points.

Over the years I’ve been in many ladies’ bible studies with this theme, and there always seems to be someone in the group bristling about submission or about being a helper. That is what I was anticipating on Sunday. I guess I hadn’t thought much yet about how our vastly different cultures influence our views on those issues, but as we sat together and I asked this group of women what they thought, their faces all lit up. One after another they declared how good the teaching was, and how happy they were about it. These are ladies who already do the housework, already raise the kids, already get all the firewood, and the water, and already work in the garden and cook all the food. And they are women who have been beaten and demeaned all of their lives. So what they heard from God’s Word about women was that they are made in the image of God just like men are. And although they have different roles, their value is the same. That’s something they have never heard! And that was freeing and delightful to them!

In our discussion, Gapi was amazing. She sat by me and read the scripture out loud that I asked her to read and also gave lots of good advice to the other ladies. She told the ladies how they shouldn’t try to control their husbands, but should pray for them and love them, even if they are going around doing bad things. She encouraged them to make their homes a place that their husbands would want to be. They should not nag, but instead should make good food and use salt on it! She told them about how when she first started believing her husband wasn’t believing and how she prayed hard that he would. God heard her prayers and she thinks he is believing now. Gapi and I had talked about some of these things before, so hearing her testify to the ladies about the truth of the scripture and how it has played out in her life was so encouraging. And the fact that her husband has already changed is thrilling as well!

There were also lots of specific questions about non-believing husbands, second wives, being abandoned by a husband, and lazy husbands! They wanted to know what God’s word says about all these things. It was a great discussion!

Pray for these ladies and for their husbands! They are new believers trying to learn and grow all they can!

  1. Sally Winfrey

    This is awesome and makes me smile. I love reading it again‼️

  2. So good. It must be amazing and humbling to experience them experiencing who God is for the first time. So encouraging for m – thanks Elizabeth.

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