[In the picture Rita has the red bandana, Zabet is in the middle with the purple shirt and Gapi is on the right holding the blue folder and laughing.]

As we were leaving Menya, several of our closest friends walked with us to say bye at the airstrip. There were tears, hugs, and kisses plane-side as they watched us board knowing we’d be gone for a month. This was the first time we have left Menya since the birth of the Menyan church back in April. In the past they’ve been a little sad to see us go–probably because we wouldn’t be there to buy their produce–but this time it was different. They were sad that we wouldn’t be there to feed them God’s word for a month. Even though we were excited and ready for a break after being in Menya for 7.5 months, it was hard to leave! They kept telling us how Joseph has been giving them God’s word and how a month without that was going to be so hard.

While we walked my friend Gabi told me about a dream our other friend Zabet’s oldest son (Haget) had the night before. Haget dreamed that Joseph brought him a bunch of clothes and his family a bunch of food when we came back from our trip. People have always asked us for stuff, especially when we are headed out to town, so I suspected this dream was going to lead into the obvious request for clothes and food from town, but what she said surprised me! She told me that Zabet had explained the dream to Haget saying that Joseph has been providing for their family by giving them the word of God, which is real food and clothing for them, and that he’d be bringing more of that when he came back. It was so special. Not only did they not ask for those things (the norm), but to hear how much she values hearing the word of God and that she’s teaching that to her family warmed my heart.

A while back my friend Rita had a similar dream. She told me that Joseph was nailing plywood on their house in her dream (and again I was waiting for her to ask me for some plywood!) and she explained to me how it was because Joseph has been teaching her and her husband and strengthening their family with God’s word.

People are excited about and hungry for God’s word in Menya! These dear friends are changing and growing and it is exciting to watch!

  1. Andrea McKee

    This is so amazing and encouraging! Praise God

  2. darlatodd

    Love hearing this and all that God is doing.
    I know for me personally it challenges me to rely on Gods word and power as we share w others.

  3. Susan King

    Elizabeth, your post brings tears to my eyes, as the power of God’s word opens hearts to see everything differently. Thank you for being there and being faithful. We miss you, but praise God for you in so many ways….”how will they believe in Him whom they have not heard and how will they hearwithout a preacher….” MUCH LOVE, AUNT SUSAN

  4. Man, I especially love hearing this story…they see and understand their greatest need over other physical, perceived needs. So important. Only the Lord can do that. Praise Him. Thanks for sharing!

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