1. Have an awesome school year. Love the new haircuts S and E!

    • Elizabeth Osborn

      Thanks! I’ve never cut one of my girls’ hair so short! She really wanted it, but it took me a while to work up the nerve to actually do it! lol! I thought “back to school” was a good time to bite the bullet! Everett’s is kind of crazy, but wasn’t a big deal since boy hair grows back so fast!
      I hope y’all have a great school year too!

  2. Karen Swoap

    It’s so great to see your kids! I can’t believe how old they are! I hope you are psyched for another year of school!

    • Elizabeth Osborn

      We are definitely psyched! And I can’t believe how old they are either!!! It’s fun having everyone in school now, though. Busy, but fun!

  3. Susan J King

    Can’t believe how they all are growing so quickly!!!

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