Last night we had our pet kapul, Oreo, outside and he/she disappeared. It was after dark, so we started searching the trees and holes with flashlights. That activity attracted a crowd including Francis. We explained what we were doing and a number of people joined in the search. Over the course of the next hour, these are things Francis said:

  1. Your kapul is still small, he won’t run away to the jungle.
  2. Your kapul is big now, it will hide somewhere on the ground.
  3. Your kapul is still small, it will climb a tree and just wait there.
  4. Your kapul will go under one of the houses because it is raining.
  5. Your kapul will go back to your house because it has been raised by people.
  6. In the morning, we will find it in one of the trees.

After all that, when we still hadn’t found Oreo, everybody went to his own house for the night. About an hour later, I went out to check around again. While I was looking in some bushes, the motion light under our house came on so I rushed in that direction. I found Oreo.

This morning I told Francis. He responded, “Just like I said.” Though I’m not sure which of his “sayings” he was referring to, I agreed: “Yep, you said it.”


  1. oh man, that’s funny! I think Francis and our Nancy would totally get each other. They would also always know what was going to happen next.

    • Elizabeth Osborn

      Lol, Molly!! I love Nancy!

  2. Candace Wingo

    This is great. Thanks for telling us about the blog.

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