I look at the stars
And I hear the thunder
And I come to know about your strength
Then I sing

Our God, you are awesome
Our God, you are good
Our God, you are holy
All glory is yours

I walk around in the jungle
And I stand on top of a mountain
And I come to know your goodness
Then I sing


When I think about God’s love
and his grace
I get fired up
Then I sing


When Christ comes
And takes me home
I will rejoice
And I will sing


Sound familiar?

  1. Candace Wingo

    What a blessing! It reminds me of How Great Thou Art. Did Rick write this himself?

    • Elizabeth Osborn

      It is! I love How Great Thou Art, so Joseph translated it to Menyan with our friend Api. Then Api and another musical Menyan guy, Ken, made up the tune.

  2. This is awesome. I love it. Who translates/adapts the original lyrics into Menyan?

    • Joseph

      So far, me.

  3. Who is this other bald Rick guy? I’m going to pretend that the song was posted for me, since I asked a couple of weeks ago. Tell Api and Ken the tune rocks! When is y’all first CD dropping??

    • Joseph

      You don’t have to pretend. I just let him think he is special. CD should be released in 2005 when CD’s were still relevant.

  4. Rick Hawkinson

    My man.
    I thought it was 2005.

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