From left to right above are Wati, Api and Terry, some of the usual suspects. They walked up to the airstrip Monday to see us off for the week. 

Not only do they help me as I’m translating chapters of the Bible, but I’m also working with all of them hoping they will develop into teachers. Plus I really like them.

All three attended the study I did over the past few weeks at Terry’s house. As we went through topics they had already understood and believed themselves, they reinforced the points for those hearing them for the first time. Apart from the study itself, I did a lot of explaining about strategy, philosophy and responsibility in teaching. They are always eager to hear and learn and they are quick to understand.

Right now Wati and Api are each separately working through the same lessons I taught at Terry’s house with small groups on their own (by their own initiative.) Before we left Terry was talking about how our church group needed to discuss 1 Corinthians 3.4-9 on Wednesday so that people don’t feel tempted to attach themselves to Wes or myself. And Api will be teaching Ephesians 2.1-13 at church on Sunday.

It is amazing to think that, as recently as March, all three of these guys were totally lost. It’s exciting to see their growth and God’s work in each of them. Pray that they continue to grow, to serve faithfully, to remain humble and to be good examples.

  1. Miranda

    WOW. Love everything about this-amazing!

  2. Greta
  3. Rick Hawkinson

    The gospel is exiting!
    And I love what Greta said…

  4. Susan J King

    Your dad sent me the magazine article and along with this post, it all brought tears to my eyes….to see God bringing fruit…to see your diligence and perseverance and to experience His faithfulness as he uses another generation to share Him with people living in darkness ….
    here, Papua New guinea, china….. I pray that it will continue through another generation in “the grands” I love you!!!aunt susan

  5. Candace Wingo

    We are so thankful, Joseph. Thanks for sharing with us about their desire to grow and to teach others.

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