Monday evening I started another gospel study like what I did at Terry’s house. This time, though, it’s at night and I plan to work through the whole course inside of two weeks instead of meeting only once a week.

We are meeting at Manas’ house–technically outside his house underneath my tarp. Manas and his wife were “out of town” during our first round of lessons, but he has been coming to our church meetings regularly so I asked him if he would like to hear the whole story. He said yes. Then some other folks heard about it and asked to come. I’ll be adding these newbies to our profile page, so you can check out their names and pictures.

Additionally, I asked some of our believers to come along so that they can be an encouragement and so that they can hear the story a second (in some cases third) time. My hope is that this group of folks will soon be teachers themselves. This group includes Francis, Gapi, Sabeth and Hoku. Pray for us all. We should finish up next Thursday evening (Nov 1).

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  1. Rick Hawkinson

    Tarp envy…

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