This evening at our gospel study, a dog scampered into the center of our circle and crunched a grasshopper in its mouth releasing a few foot long parasite worms that spent the next ten minutes writhing on the ground before they were finally picked up and tossed toward the bushes by Gapi and Koni.

  1. I was going to say that the SAME THING happened at Grace today!

    But it didn’t. That has never happened at Grace. 🙁

  2. Momo

    A foot long! Yuk.

  3. Rick Hawkinson

    So the foot long parasite worms came out of the dog, or the grasshopper? It sounds like you mean the grasshopper. How dang big is the grasshopper to have 3 foot long parasitic worms inside of it?!?!?

    • Joseph

      Out of the grasshopper. It is not nearly big enough for it to make sense. It’s horrible to watch.

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