[We had to move my lantern outside the tarp because it was a “rain-fly” night. All I saw for the whole night was silhouettes.]

Attendance has been consistent and the study is going well. The group is following the story and seems to be getting the main points. They are hungry for answers. Here are a few highlights so far: 

As we were reading about Abraham and I explained that God counted Abraham righteous because of his faith, Manas asked

“I understand that belief is important and all that, but what are we supposed to do so that God will accept us?”

This was the perfect question for the moment and it shows that he is understanding what he is hearing and is convicted about his sin. I told him to be patient because the answer is coming.

After I explained about the sacrifices and their role for Israel Hoku said,

“I know that I came from Adam and I’m guilty. And I’ve committed lots of sins to heap more guilt on myself. But I can’t follow Israel’s pattern and make sacrifices at the temple. So what sacrifice is there so that I can be holy?”

Just a few more nights to go now.

  1. Rick Hawkinson

    I love that you’re letting them live in the tension…and not just giving them the answer. The narrative is SO powerful!!!

  2. Mom

    Such basic ?’s! I wish more people would ask them. God bless them with understanding as u give answers

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