It’s hard to call one thing the “best” or “most exciting” thing happening in our ministry, but this is certainly in the top five. Both Wati and Api told me a couple of months ago that they each wanted to teach gospel lessons to others who hadn’t heard.

Wati (above) has been teaching Samson who is a village elder–he’s older than he appears in this picture. Wati told me that, after teaching through the sacrificial part of of the law, Samson asked “So what are we supposed to sacrifice.” Wati responded “We’re getting to that. You’ll have to wait and see.” When Wati was recounting this to me, he asked, “Was that the right thing to say?” I told him “Right or wrong, it’s what I would have said. I think it’s good to let the story develop without skipping around so that people can understand and make sense of the whole story.” He said something like, “I thought that’s what you would have done. He’ll be ready for Jesus when it’s time.”

Api (below) has been teaching Asa and his wife, Ana. Asa has been essentially an invalid since 2013 unable to work or leave the house much. So Api wanted to take the lessons to him.

Both Wati and Api have been teaching faithfully for weeks and reached the New Testament this week. They have two weeks left so be praying for them all–teachers and students.

  1. Sally Winfrey

    This is the best post yet!! God is so at work through you And now through Wati and Api. Nothing feels any better than the love of Jesus than seeing the fruits of your work THRU his power and His Spirit in real action like this WOW.
    Wati and Api are true macho men of God We taught the teenagers in Nicaragua that if your heart was desperately searching after the very heart of God himself that was the definition of a macho man – a man after God’s own heart. This totally makes my day!!! I never wake up in the middle of the night ?!! that much but when I did I went straight to my phone ?!! this is so awesome and I will go back to sleep with a heart filled with gratitude The angels in heaven are rejoicing over Api and Wati Thank you so much for saying yes to God’s call. I wish I could b in yr shoes You guys are precious in God’s sight and ours too!! Sally and James

  2. Rick Hawkinson

    The best kid of paying it forward there is. Go Wati and Api! Thank you Jesus.

  3. Rick Hawkinson

    The best kind of paying it forward there is. Go Wati and Api!! Thank you Jesus.

  4. Rick Hawkinson

    It was so good, I said it twice!

  5. Emily

    This is so encouraging to hear after all the years of work!

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