The picture above is from our wedding day. I think it’s obvious where. I’m the one with my mouth full and the three other guys are groomsmen. The guy in the back, half hidden, but not cooking on the griddle, is Harry. Many of you know Harry because he followed me to Grace Church and still attends even though he is very, very old. I have better, more obvious pictures with Harry, but he likes being in the background. He won’t be happy that I’m writing about him here. You should have thought of that before knowing me, Harry.

After my freshmen year at Furman, I worked for the summer at Look Up Lodge in TR where Harry worked full time. (Those two other guys, Dan and Tyler, also did.) That’s when I met Harry and for the next three years Dan and I drove the twenty minutes from Furman to Look Up every Thursday evening so Harry could teach us to be Godly. As would be expected, Dan and I had lots of silly, immature questions, but Harry never let on. His go-to response was, “What does the Word say?” He wore that one out. Harry and his unwavering dependence on God’s Word for answers had a lasting impact on me.

Twenty years later…

This morning I was sitting with some Menyan guys including Wati, Api and Terry (all pictured above). One of the guys who is not Wati, Api or Terry, but an outsider said something entirely unbiblical. The immediate collective response from these three was:

What Bible passage did you get that from?

What does the Bible say about that?

That is teaching that came from men, it is not from God’s word

I thought you’d like that, Harry. I did.

P.S. Harry also came over here to help build our house with our Grace Church team. But see where he is in that picture:


  1. Mary Ezzell

    I teared up a little with this one. Thanks for sharing. You’re right Harry is probably not a fan of you writing about him, but I can just imagine the huge grin he got in his face when he read their responses. Praying for discernment for you today.

  2. Darla Todd

    If we could all have a bit of Harry in us….

  3. oh this post! harry, there are so many that are thankful for you!

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