Thanks to all of you who were praying for our crusade last week. We had a great (but soggy) week. The teaching went very well and it seemed like most of the folks followed and understood the message. We were not as directly connected to as many listeners this time around because so many of our believers were leading conversations, asking and answering questions. That is fantastic, but it means it will take us longer to evaluate the results of the week.

We had a handful of people come from three or four different distant villages. I think they all came with skepticism and/or expecting a secret formula. It was encouraging to see our believers interacting with them throughout the week, challenging their assumptions and responding with truth.

At the end of the week we gave people an opportunity to share thoughts or reactions publicly. Aron and Dorine, who you may recall from our “Menya Friends” page, both (separately) stood up and shared encouraging professions of understanding and faith. Lepo (also on our “Friends” page) talked with Elizabeth and, for the first time, expressed real understanding of the gospel. Catherine, Dorine and Tomas’ daughter, is ready to get baptized as soon as we are ready to do it. A number of others also shared too.

Keep praying for these folks. Every day we posted a list of verses used in the lessons and at least a dozen individuals were copying the lists. We challenged everyone to use these to consider God’s truth for themselves. So pray that God’s word will continue its work.

  1. Mom

    This is so exciting! There are people in Zanesville Ohio praying with you. We will continue so keep us up to date

  2. Heather Nelson

    Our family is praying and looks forward to your updates.

  3. Rick Hawkinson

    Awesome crowd…Wes must be teaching.
    Really cool to see all those faces soaking in Truth!

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