For the last three days we’ve had a doctor, a nurse, a dentist and two dental assistants visiting Menya from our base in Goroka. They have seen dozens of patients and pulled at least one tooth from most of them.

I was really excited for Wati to get a chance to be checked out. Over the years he has complained once every month or so about severe head pain. He says it feels like his head is full of water and his brain is sloshing around. When the affliction comes on, he often sends one of his children to our house for ice.



Wati’s turn in line for an exam came just after a lady (related to Wati) who was diagnosed with incurable cancer in her face which has eaten away her septum entirely and is working up toward her skull and brain. She has flies that come out of her nose which Dr. Morton said are drawn to the smell of death and rot inside her sinuses. Thankfully she has lost her own sense of smell.



In light of that, I was concerned when Dr. Morton reached for the nose-o-scope (not his name for it) to use on Wati. Thankfully Wati’s diagnosis is not nearly so bad. He has a sinus infection (which may be a chronic problem for him) and likely suffers from migraines. So we are going to help him out with some antibiotics and ibuprofen to see how effective that is.



Elizabeth couldn’t pass up the chance to see inside someone’s sinus:


  1. Miranda

    I love reading you updates. Grateful that Wati’s diagnosis seems manageable❤️

  2. Sally Winfrey

    So thankful for the doctor and that the sinuses and headaches are treatable and not cancer like his relative. Prayers for her too.
    yay! for updates.

  3. Rick Hawkinson

    How is Wati responding to the antibiotics?

    • Joseph

      Rick, his medicine just came in today (while we were flying out) so we’ll see and let you know.

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