On Tuesday, while I was working with Wati, Abraham (pictured above) knocked on our office door. He had a story to tell so Wati and I listened.

Abraham is from a village a couple of days from us where they speak a different language. He told us in Pidgin that he had worked with a missionary when he was young. He also said at some point he heard a different missionary teach in a bigger city on the coast. After that he returned to his home village where he started a church. He recently heard there were missionaries in Menya (us) so he wanted to come and find out. Eventually he got to his point: he wanted a hammer, nails and a saw to work on his church.

I told Abraham that is not what we are here for and then told Wati to tell Abraham what had happened here in Menya. Wati explained. Abraham was intrigued. As Wati touched on a few of the points he has learned, Abraham wanted to hear more. Since Abraham is not from around here, doesn’t have any food and doesn’t have a place to sleep, Wati told him he could spend the night at his house. When Abraham said he didn’t have any food or money to give, Wati said it didn’t matter–he would supply Abraham’s needs if he wanted to stay and hear about God’s story.

When Api heard about this, he joined in the mix. Abraham spent Tuesday night at Wati’s house and Wednesday night at Api’s. The two of them have been tag-teaming to explain to Abraham what they have heard and what they are believing.

We don’t know where this will go, but it is so exciting to see the eagerness of our friends. Not only are they believing the truth but they are excited to share it and willing to pay a price to do so.

Gapi shared a similar story recently. She walked to her own home village and spent a night there. While there, she was sharing about what she has learned. She told us that her family was excited about what she was explaining–that her talk was “sweet”–and they wanted her to come back soon and share more.

Praise God for what he is doing through his young church here.

  1. Shari Horner

    Those stories…Wow, made my day!
    It’s so wonderful to see and hear how God is working there among you, especially now as neighboring churches and families continue to promote the good news of the kingdom of God.
    Prayers are being answered!

  2. This is so exciting!! How cool that they’re responding with trusting generosity when presented an opportunity to let this stranger stay in their homes. A beautiful example of how the truth is changing their hearts. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Candace Wingo

    How thankful we are to hear this. I know it must thrill your hearts. We pray that Abraham will believe the truths he is hearing.

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