Menya Work Ethic

Ever since we moved into Menya, we have marveled at the lack of ambition or consistent work-output among a people who are clearly fit and capable of great exertion. It seems strange that they have not accomplished more with their resources.

Kidnapped by a Demon

At about 11:00 pm I was lying in bed not yet asleep when I heard our neighbor, Edwin, calling out for one of his children. He called out repeatedly with increasing urgency. Just when I was ready to get dressed and go outside with my spotlight, it stopped. (Click the Pic to read on)

Writing Literacy Primers

Together with two veteran missionaries and a handful of Menyan men, Wes and I spent last week writing four primers for our upcoming literacy program. Dianne and Annette, literacy consultants who have completed literacy programs in their own tribes and helped numerous others do the same, walked us step by step through the process of the tried and true method.

‪Consequence of living on a tropical island with cheap pineapple, papaya and mangoes: our kids are going crazy for cantaloupe and honeydew—or as we know it: filler-fruit. 

‪Passed a dead cat on the road

‬‪1st thought: that’s sad‬

‪2nd thought: somebody could eat that‬

‪I think PNG is rubbing off on me ‬