Sick Days

Before Christmas we were all sick for a while. Fortunately we got it over with before Christmas and we were well to enjoy it! We don’t like being sick, but we did take advantage of the extra cuddle time with the girls!


I finally gave Lucy her first haircut! She was 27 months and was in definite need, but I kept putting it off because I was afraid she would lose her cute curls. She did lose the curls, but she still looks cute! I think it makes her look older. Before Apparently we forgot to take…


So I am unbelievably behind blogging. We went to Hollywild with some friends at the beginning of December, and I am just now posting these pics. Amanda did an amazing job organizing a fun soup dinner for all of us. Then we headed to Hollywild to see the lights and the animals. For those of…

Decorating our tree

We got our tree the weekend after Thanksgiving and had so much fun decorating it!

Eating our party foods as we decoarted
Lucy getting some help from daddy

So cute having little people decorate the tree! we ended up with some places like this!
Letting Everett get in on the ornament fun!