Road Trip: Menye

Two weeks ago Api told me that his wife’s brothers were visiting from their village about half a day’s walk away. Api was developing plans to do some outreach in their village. As a first step, we decided we should take trip up there to visit.

4 Wheel Jesus

4 Wheel Jesus Our Friday morning small group is still going strong. Every week follows this pattern: Everett and I go outside around 6:45am to build a fire. People stroll up between then and 7:15-ish depending on how cold it is (colder mornings slow people down considerably). Then we chat for a few minutes while…


Api (who has rocketed into my top 5 favorite Menyans) asked me yesterday if he and his wife, Tema, could come over so I could teach them something. So we had them for dinner by the fire tonight. Food menu: potatoes and greens; spiritual menu: grace and faith.