Road Trip: Menye

Two weeks ago Api told me that his wife’s brothers were visiting from their village about half a day’s walk away. Api was developing plans to do some outreach in their village. As a first step, we decided we should take trip up there to visit.

4 Wheel Jesus

Our Friday morning small group is still going strong. Every week follows this pattern: Everett and I go outside around 6:45am to build a fire. People stroll up between then and 7:15-ish depending on how cold it is (colder mornings slow people down considerably). Then we chat for a few minutes while Elizabeth passes out…


Api (who has rocketed into my top 5 favorite Menyans) asked me yesterday if he and his wife, Tema, could come over so I could teach them something. So we had them for dinner by the fire tonight. Food menu: potatoes and greens; spiritual menu: grace and faith.

Follow Up: Roman and Katy

Since Roman and Katy were inconsistent in their attendance at our lessons and never expressed much understanding, I’ve been skeptical about what they have grasped. Roman showed up to our Sunday church meeting for the second week without Katy. When we were done, I asked him if I could come down to their house Monday…

Pray for Francis

He is clear on some points, but still seems to be having trouble putting it all together. I’ve talked to him a few times since we finished the lessons, but every time I have to cover the same ground again. Also, Rita is really worried because he hasn’t changed from his sinful ways overnight.